Oh My! Spaghetti Pie! Kid’s Cookbook

In this light-hearted story, Top Dog Chef takes on this challenge by combining patience, fun and the help of his kitchen buddies – three major ingredients that experts suggest when dealing with picky eaters.

At first there is tension in the kitchen. The animals protest that the wacky new food will taste, smell and even look funny. But when they start mixing, pouring and baking, attitudes change – for almost everyone.

How does Top Dog Chef get the last holdout to take the first bite? Read and find out!

Published by Absolute Graphics, Frankenmuth, MI

Printed in the USA

About the Authors

Valerie Walderzak…

is a creative cook and baker who has masterminded tons of playful recipes that appeal to children. One of her favorite recipes is the inspiration for this book.

Joan Ramm…

is a writer who hopes that her recently remodeled kitchen will motivate her to get more interested in cooking. So far it’s not working, but she does keep her laptop on the kitchen table.

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